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Notes: Um, in a nut-shell, this is a damn confusing performance in regards to date-location-venue-etc. And source info. I think Ryan best addressed this issue to an OCD depth that puts me to utter & complete shame...
Notes: by: Ryan A: This recording is actually a separate and different recording from 1994-??-?? (aka 02/07/94 Atlanta). See below analysis for details. Excellent  sounding Undertow gig. - One of the top 3 best quality. And a stinging performance to go with it. Mammoth energy in the music here. Apparently, from concert reports of this show, the crowd was getting just a bit out of hand. Diving from the balconies (which must be why Paul keeps heckling the audience to "Go ahead and jump. Just do it!"), jumping to the music so hard that the entire building was shaking at the foundation. It reached near riotous proportions according to some. It's amazing the taper came away with this great of a recording. This one's great to pop in the car and crank. Below is an analysis I wrote of the whole mystery date/city/venue mess. Enjoy.