Analog --- Aiwa CM-30 > Sony WM-D6 (cassette)
DAT:    ANA-M > DAT-1
CD:      Master cassette > 1G CD
Taper:  S.D.
MP3 Sample:
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The 'DAT' labeling refers to the fact that this recording was taken from the master & put onto cassette @ 48 khz. Please make no mistake, this was recorded using a WM-D6.
Although the first 15-20 minutes are missing due to the taper being late for the show, this is still one very interesting show on the spectrum of performance and also of overall sound enjoyment. One thing, the crowd is so very low that you wonder if there are more than more 6 people in the audience. This recording, as of Jan. 2003, is quite rare as S.D. had not done anything with it until that time. It makes you wonder if Tool  was recording their performances back in 1994. I wonder. The performance is, of course, top-notch. However, it seems like they may be a little bummed about being at the gig or something. Paul does the majority  of the talking, making his usual smart-ass comments while Maynard says only one thing. All in all, this is a  recording not to be missed as the whole -atmosphere- is unique in and of itself.

Maynardism: "This is a song about.... anal sex."






Time: 44:47

Prison Sex
4 degrees