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Notes: Very good recording. So much so that this has made it's way onto a commercial, non-silver-disc (colored CD-R) bootleg called 'Dragging Me Down'. I think the taper must've been relatively near the speaker as the sound is very clear. However, it is also a little far away - the crowd is slightly noticeable with talking & whatnot. Within the first minute, you can hear someone say 'look out, someone needs help'. There are numerous MP3 sourced versions of this show floating around in the trading pool, so make sure you ask & trust who you get this from... a casualty of the Napster generation. The taper has a couple issues like moving the microphone a little as well as moving positions during Intolerance. You can hear it as he does. The performance is really standard fair. All in all, I suppose Tool fans are lucky to be able to hear the show well over a decade after the performance. I am fairly certain that this recording is also incomplete. There should be at least Jerk-Off & Crawl Away somewhere on the setlist due to the time  period and also by comparing this setlist to comparable other performances. Perhaps one day we will know for sure.

"I really, really, really fucking hate New York City. You guys are all right, you guys are cool but what the fuck's up with the cabs? Is that a requirement to smell like toe-jam & shit? One at a time, please."






Time: 53:10

Prison Sex
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