Analog --- Aiwa CM-30 > Toshiba Walkman
Taper:   Bubzdaddy
Gen:      2nd from Master
MP3 Sample:
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Notes: If nothing else, this is, at least, the only known recording of this otherwise lost performance - until the taper gave it out in early 2006 that is. Recording features a distant sound, is slightly bass distorted at points, has a plethora of tape hiss that permeates throughout, quite a bit of phasing & a literal white-noise of crowd-noise. At times, it is overbearing. On one hand, it is rather cool the taper recorded this show in the first place. It is also refreshing to listen to random people yell at the band. It is recommended that this recording be only for strictest of collectors who can handle a collectors item & enjoy it for what it is: a very raw audience recording of an otherwise un-surfaced performance. I get the impression the taper was recording shows more for the enjoyment of seeing a show, hanging out with friends & seeing a band rather than focusing on "nailing" a show with an amazing recording. All things considered, I personally prefer this type of recording from time to time.

Time: 75:34

Setlist / Quote:

Cold & Ugly

"So apparently we're Tool, and the word of the night would be uhh... deja-vu.Doesn't mean you have to repeat it though."


Paul: "There's lots of uh white boys here I noticed. What's up with that?"
MJK: "White young boys screaming our name...yeah."
<crowd member near the taper "I see a punk ass bitch on stage, who wishes he could sing like me">

<Talking,.. but can't make it out cause the crowd near the taper is talking too loud.>


"This is Ken, he's from Failure. They have a new record out called Magnify. It's really good. Buy it unless your dumb. Here's a love song. It goes out to <someone, can't catch the name>"

Prison Sex

Swamp Song

MJK: "This song is about listening to folk music, and knitting, and making pottery and things like that.
Paul "And for those of you too busy playing hacky sack to watch the flaming lips you are very dumb."I  think you should smoke your hacky sack, that's the best idea I've thought of all day. No, fuck you buddy
MJK: "The hacky sack is a metaphor for a scrotum, you're kicking the scrotum because
you do want it anymore, because you want to be a woman."
Paul: "It's...uh..in the <something> indian language for scrotum is hacky sack, so you're all playing with your nuts."
MJK: Not that being a woman is bad. Just saying you need to deal with some issues there buddy."


MJK: "Enough? Can we go now?"
Paul: "Hey. Who said 'fuck you' to me? I'm serious you fucking little monster truck coors light drinking little hacky sack playing pieces of shit. Fuck you. I'm the toughest man in this fucking building, anybody who says any different come on up...come on. I have a present for you, it's...you know what my present to you is...love...baby. We have nothing for uh...nothing but love."
MJK: "This is a song about butt-fucking."

(cut = tape flip)

Paul: "Thank you for your offerings of tennis shows and hats. I'll cherish them forever."
MJK: "I may be crazy, but my rents paid. That's what counts. <something> Not paid.
Paul: "This song goes out to the gentlemen at the front door, I'm sure some of you have seen, telling you all that you are going to hell. Is that..Is that...You think he's crazy? Where do you think you're going?"
Paul: "I think you're going back to Detroit. This is good."
MJK: "Bhaaa-bhaaa-bhaaaa"



Paul: "Thank you very much."
MJK: "Tomorrow, when you guys are all like hanging out wondering what to do tomorrow night. Just know in your hearts that we're going to be in Nashville seeing Ted Nugent."
Paul:  "We heard that he's going to come up on stage and like kill a wild boar with his compound bow."
MJK: "Little wango Tango, a little Cat Scratch."
Paul: "And then George Bush is gonna come up and they're going to fuck each other."
MJK: "Lynard Skynard playing with them too. Lynard Skynard and Ted Nugnet on one bill."
Paul: "Hey ah, I just want everybody to know that I'm real sorry about the angry words I had up here earlier. I feel better now.. alright. You guys okay? Alright. P. This is...This is the biggest....you guys should know that this is the largest audience that we've ever played too.  Tonight.. this is it...this is it. You guys are here. Fuck it, arena rock."