Analog > Mini Disc --- Unknown Analog Recording
Transfer: CAS-Unknown > Sony SU-S4520 > Sharp MD-MT877 > Audiophile 2496 > Sound Forge 5.0d > WAV > CD WAVE > FLAC Frontend 1.1.0 > FLAC
Unknown (possible very low gen)
Mastered by: B. Branch
MP3 Sample: Right click & save

Notes / Branch: This is completely untouched (no eq'ing). I acquired this show from a Radio DJ here in Oklahoma. It was unclear whether or not this was the master recording or a copy. Since I am unsure, I feel it's safe to list this as a first gen cassette. From listening to this, it sounds like this was recorded with a shotgun mic of some kind from within the soundboard area. This is not the entire show, and Prison Sex is cut half way through, not sure why
Notes / Galen: Hmm... Well, I was under the distinct impression, based on conversations with the person that torrented this recording, dating back to 2002/2003, that back then this recording was complete. So I was a bit surprised when an incomplete recording was released. To further confuse things, the analog lineage was compressed from a tape player of some kind into a Mini Disc. Now, a MD recorder by default shaves off parts of the wavelength - this is one of the critiques of the MD as a device in & of itself. Almost correlative to a MP3 versus a WAV file. So, this recording was transferred to MD then transferred to digital, post compression. Not trying to nit-pick, was just confusing as to why the recording was not just played out of a stand alone unit > cables > computer by-passing the need for compression & MD in & of itself; from a collector's perspective I believe this is a valid point to point out. Also, the "Sony SU-S4520" is a remote control for older Sony models. As it is, this is actually a decent recording. The crowd noise is, at times, simply very loud & intrusive but that is getting a bit picky now isn't it? To my ears, this sounds actually more like a VHS recording that was put to a cassette or a MD or a computer, whatever. Take a listen to the sample & take a listen to a recording like, say, 02/07/1994 Atlanta, GA recording (Source A). Go ahead. Sounds strikingly similar to my ears. As a note, I do recall hearing something about a video with this date/Flaming Lips involved to maybe, just maybe, there is something like that laying around - a complete source? Anyone placing bets?

Time: 38:40

Prison Sex
(cut Halfway)

Swamp Song
(ft. Ronald of the Flaming Lips)