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Notes: All in all, a rather nice capture of Tool on the cusp of losing one band-member & gaining another; between Undertow-era & the shaping of AEnima-era. Not going to kid you here, the AEnima-era songs are extremely rough & sound little like the album versions; which is not either good nor bad but it is worth noting. Looking retrospectively, since the Undertow/Opiate songs are over a decade old, the crowd is at this show to hear the hits -not the deep cuts or the new shit- the hits. Tool does deliver that but they also toss out a very tasty rendition of No Quarter by Led Zeppelin, of course. The recording is well above average but there seems to be a little bit of warble when the highs hit the Nth degree. All in all though, definitely a fine recording by most anyone's standards, let alone 1994.






Maynard: Hi hippies.


Paul: So there's a, there was a blackout in your town today. Why wasn't there any riots or anything? You people are too stoned. Or maybe you just love each other. You love each other? You lie. Thank you.
Maynard: So, uh, somebody needs to help me out here, uh. I took a bunch of your acid. You're...no we're Santa...you're Santa Cruz and we're Tool right? I was gonna say, I didn't think all you guys are gonna fit in that bus. There's a misconception I'd like to clear up
right away. We're not professional. This is another song.


Maynard: Do you guys get cable here? Just thought I'd ask.
Paul (responding to audience member): Where are we going? Let's go where? I wanna stay right here.
Maynard: This too is another song.

(distorted vocal effect for whole song and some different lyrics)

Paul: Thanks. Like we said before, we're not professional. As you can tell, we're more like Spinal Tap. These pods that are be coming down any time now.
Maynard: Alright. So some of you know the names of the songs. That's great. There's gonna be a door prize afterwards. If you can name like three of them or something. There's gonna be like a tie-dye contest as well.
crowd member: Yeah! Burn you hippy!
Maynard: The winner dies. This song's called Undertow.

(fire cracker goes off during guitar intro)

Paul: Don't you just love touching other sweaty humans? Yeah. I would be in there too but I, I got, I gotta work, sorry. This guy just offered to let me suck his dick. Ok, come around the back later and I'd be more than happy to fuckin' get your little pin dick in my mouth.

Swamp Song
(fire cracker goes off during song)

Paul: Hey. I thought there were a bunch of hippies in town but apparently there's pyrotechnics throwing bombs at me. I don't have anything against any of you all, so uh, you know.
Maynard (spoken jauntily): It's not the fourth of July.
Paul: Don't kill me. Alright?
Maynard (spoken jauntily): It's not the fourth of July. It is not the fourth of July.
Maynard: This is our top forty single.
Paul: This will be appearing in an elevator near you.


Maynard: Thanks. So. It's a friend of mine's birthday today. And uh, she's actually from Santa Cruz. I'd like to tell you a little about her. She's into uh, poetry, performance, comedy, singing. A really talented young lady. First time I met her was at a Grateful Dead show. She was uh, Jerry Garcia's wet nurse. I was standing in line with my roommate Hazi Benjat(?) waiting to uh, kiss Jerry Garcia's ass, and uh, totally on acid. We passed out. When we woke up, there was Laura Milligan saving us - Jerry Garcia's wet nurse. So if you will, just hum quietly to yourself 'happy birthday'. She'll get the message. This is a love song and it goes out to Laura. It's called 'four degrees' and it's about anal sex.


Paul: We have a little guy with a leaf blower that comes after our shows too. Comes by with his little backpack thing on when you see him out in your front yard and he comes up here sometimes too.
Maynard: I have somebody's keys here. It's a Honda. With a bottle-opener. After the show go find a stupid looking guy named Gorby(?) and he'll have 'em in his pants.
Paul: Gorby built this strange stuff on our stage. What do you think? Alright Gorb, you did it.
Maynard: Gorby sniffed a lot of glue as a child.
Paul: This is a new song. We hope you like it, so listen patiently.

(some different and missing lyrics)

Maynard: Thank you. Like I said, that professional thing is right out the window. This is a, a love song of sorts.

Prison Sex

Paul: Alright kids, this is our last song, thanks a lot. You're very kind and courteous.
Maynard: That's actually a lie. We're gonna do a song and then we're gonna go pretend that we're not coming back for like three minutes, and then we come back out and do more songs. Let's not kid ourselves, right?


Cold & Ugly
(w. Passage To Bangkok intro)
crowd/encore break

Paul: I'm sick of entertaining you people. Why don't you entertain me for once, goddammit? Do something! You're boring me!
Maynard (through effects box): This is uh, boring.
Paul: Entertain me. Do something. Do a trick. Do a trick or something. Walk on your, can anybody walk on their hands here? Let's see. Any jugglers? Any jugglers here? I thought so. Any, any uh, mimes? Any mimes or flute players? We're gonna throw a little classic rock your way, alright?

No Quarter

Maynard: Alright then. For those of you who are under the age of 25, we wrote that. For those of you who know better probably hate us now.
Paul: Ok this really is our last song so if you're gonna get your jollies do it now. This song is...
Maynard: This is...
Paul: ...dedicated to uh, all you people who can't think for yourselves and I, there are plenty, there are plenty of you out there.
Maynard: That's not you though. You people are all thinkers. That's why you're here right? Otherwise you'd be over watching Stone Temple Pilots or something. I'm sorry.
Paul: This song is called Opiate. See ya.