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Unknown Filming Equipment
Source B: 1st gen VHS > DVD
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Notes: Filmed from the back of the pit, seating area, the audio and video are pretty good for the time period and the circumstances. Actually, that would be an under-statement, the audio & filming are simply awesome for even filmers these days. The camera shakes a little bit as the hand is not totally steady 100% of the time but is nonetheless a real nice recording of a very cool gig. There are times when heads get in the way & there are other things that I'm sure people could complain about but this is of the caliber of the 07.10.94 filming job - excellent. Obviously, the DVD is a better watch/listen than the VHS. I've seen a few real, real bad VHS copies of this so a 1st gen > DVD is definitely an improvement for all involved. Tool was real hot this night. Guest on Bottom from opening band as well as Paul sort of freaking out on Disgustipated. Justin Chancellor on bass on Sober. Interesting dynamic... did Paul have any clue that he was sharing the stage with his replacement?
Notes: by - Ryan A: Finally, a 7.21.94 1st gen! No more watching grainy vhs copies of this classic show. Complete, unedited, one of the most intense Tool shows of all time. If you have the audio copy of this show, you need to see the video to truly appreciate what's going on. The sound on this 1st gen transfer has more high end than other VHS copies I've had in the past. It's a little much on the ears at times, but still excellent. See the audio version for more comments/review on this great show





Time: 76:26

Intro: "Light a spliff and enjoy the most extraordinary band I've ever seen. God said "Let there be Tool."

Cold & Ugly


Paul: "Hello my children of rock."

MJK: "One at a time please."

Paul: "How about if you tell us story. Go ahead."

MJK: "Take good care of our friend Catherine ok. Take good care of our friend Catherine."



Paul: "This song is dedicated to our friends in Submarine and Peach. Those guys are really good bands, we want to thank them for opening up for us. If you get a chance go see them again. They're pretty good bands, for a bunch of cunts anyway."



Paul: "We have a special guest on bass guitar tonight. 'Cuz I can only play for like 10 minutes at a time. I'm very fragile. The masked marvel ladies and gentlemen."



MJK: "That last song was called Sober. Apparently our record company doesn't think we're cool enough to release that as a single. It's not worth the hassle 'cuz we don't have a dance mix or draw as many people as Take Back. So this may very well be the last time you see us play in London for a long time. Relax, I'm just kidding. This is a love song. It goes out to those who have a lot of faith in us."

Prison Sex


MJK: "Shhhhhh. Shhhh."

No Quarter


Paul: "That song was for the old people."

MJK: "For those of you who are under 25, we wrote that. Here's the joke. Ready - we're serious. Joke's on you. Waiter, check please."

Paul: "You alright? [inaudible]"

MJK: "There's a little guest on this one."

Paul: "You ever heard of the band Senser?"



MJK: "I'm gonna go ahead and go off for a second. I know that I've said this before, but only a portion of you get it so unfortunately I have to repeat myself a lot. I think we're all just too afraid. A lot of the decisions we make are based on shit that's fed to us in the media. And it's all based on fear. And the decisions are not from the heart, are not from compassion, and not from a place of love, but from fear. And this concerns me. 'Cuz we're separating each other from each other. And it's fucked. The example I use is uh smoking. I know it's a dumb example but its the best one I can come up with [inaudible]. We already know that smoking causes heart disease and lung cancer, in addition to like making you stink and whatever. We have decided, for some reason, to go ahead and do it. That's fine. But a lot of people are deciding not to have sex 'cuz they're afraid of dying. Well everything kills you, everything kills you. Take the proper precautions and tough somebody. Ok? Because fucking feels way better than smoking cigarettes. Fuck it, do both of them. And have fun. You only live once. Stop being afraid. I'm done now."

4 degrees


MJK: "We'd like to thank god. Shut the fuck up, we're having fun."

Paul: "Eat my children. Bread and wine. Break bread with us my brethren. The wine's up at the bar buddy. We don't go that far."

MJK: "This is a song about him."

Paul: "This is Opiate."




Paul: "Thank you goodbye. Goodbye."