Unknown Analog Recording Equipment
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Notes: At this point, early on in 2004, all known copies of this recording are incomplete & start on No Quarter.
There is rumor and talk that a complete recording of this show exists. While it is likely that someone, somewhere has a complete version at this time it just hasn't reached the light of day, unfortunately. It seems to me that there may be a complete version of this show somewhere because as the disc starts, the crowd is clapping between a song. Not to sound paranoid, but it seems as though someone may have intentionally made this from a complete or an incomplete recording. I have no way to tell but it is possible that the taper was just late & the previous tracks had too much talking or whatever on it so he cut it out - time will tell or time will not tell. The sound is slightly muted in a way as when the cymbals crash, Adam's guitar peaks out or MJK's vocals scream; the overall frequency seems to stay at one level
(if that makes any sense to anyone). There seems to be some amount of depth that a DAT is more than capable of picking up but it seems to sound more like a pretty good analog recording with some decent microphones. No one at this point is sure but it is a safe bet to go with analog with the possibility of a DAT recording. Tool's performance, what we have of it here, is rather interesting. Like a few performances of No Quarter, they go into Disgustipated. The rest of the setlist is just awesome. Just imagining what this crowd in The Netherlands thought is enough to draw a smile even on the harshest critic of Tool. The band played professionally but also seemed to be having a rather nice time doing so. No matter how you slice it, this is one recording that not only the die-hard collector's but also the causal listener will thoroughly enjoy.

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Time: 38:35

No Quarter
Swamp Song
4 degrees