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Notes: Absolutely superb filming on part of the taper. This may be the best filming from the 1994 tour.  Good close-ups, focusing & very little camera jiggle. The sound is very similar to that of the DAT source (sounds that good) but is, in actuality, a different source. Amazing that two great sounding recordings, sound-wise, emerged from this performance. Current copies of the DVD also have 05.22.93 & 08.27.93 as bonus material. But, this show itself is worth it. not much more to say but this should be in everyone's collection. Possibly the best filmed recording from this era. And, the band was in a pretty relaxed mood and were very talkative. Believe it or not, this show occurred during the day so the band is extremely visible. Fantastic. This is THE video from 1994.
Notes: by - Ryan A:
I'd been trying to track this one down for years. Finally! And well worth the wait. The audio recording to this show doesn't get close to doing this show justice. Maynard is into this one - doing his puppet, shuck & dive freak-out all over the place. He goes berserk into the music. The visual interpretation he does leading up to "I have found some kind of temporary sanity" in Prison Sex is, well, ... you just should see it. Beautiful in a disturbing way. The camera-work is nothing spectacular, but it is solid. There are no security ducks and he keeps the cam on the stage the entire time with close-ups of all-band members at various times throughout. Enthralling stuff. But I'd have to disagree with Galen and say that 7.21.94 London is THE video from 1994.





Time: 59:52

Setlist / Quote:
MJK - 'Hello hMJK: Hello hippies. Apparently Bulguria best Germany 2-1. If any body cares.'
Paul D'Amour - 'I don't'
MJK - 'Apparently we're Tool and this is another song'


Paul D'Amour - 'This next song is called Sober. It'll be appearing in an elevator near you.'


MJK - 'This is a love song. It goes out to uhh (?) because he's special.'

Prison Sex

Paul D'Amour - 'This next song is again dedicated to repitition and mediocrity. Thank you very much.'

 No Quarter
 Swamp Song

Paul D'Amour - 'Too many waffles, huh? That's my guess.'
MJK - 'This song's a baptisimal song so you guys can start getting in the water. Ok... line up, in alphabetical order over there, starting with the J's.'
Paul D'Amour - 'This song is called - Justin's a cunt!. Heh. The last Temptation of Jim, that's what it's called.'
MJK - 'Before we get started I have something I really need to get off my chest; it's really important I think I need to say this and share it with you --- 'buseeviioa alla oh dante so are you people of aarheyy judjenson ohhl of the children of huh allaavy love revolution! What do you say?!'
Paul D'Amour - 'Lets talk about freedom one more time & women have the rights to their bodies. And so do I.'
MJK - 'Baa! Baah! Baa! Baa! Baa!'


Paul D'Amour - 'Thank you very much - next up the Mighty Rollins Band. Thank you.'