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Notes: Super clear recording. Sounds almost like sound board quality with the exception of a slight mess up in Swamp Song with the mics or a sloppy master. The recording fades out very fast then back in; maybe 7-8 seconds of a possible cut = taper changed cassettes. Hard to complain though; this show is fucking amazing, all around. Excellent setlist & quite possibly the best analog recording I, for one, have ever heard. Take a look at those songs, in that particular order... No Quarter with a musical transition directly into Disgustipated. Awesome. On that note, at the beginning of No Quarter, Tool uses a keyboardist in the background for the rolling effect. Damn, probably the best live No Quarter I've ever heard is here. Compound that with the clarity as well as rarity of this gig & it makes for one nice listen. It's hard to believe that a recording came out this good from a gig. I am sure that someday, this recording will become mislabeled as a sound-board -so make sure to always keep source info- as the sound is that good. Interesting as well because Tool seriously fucks with the audience...antagonizing them. The audience doesn't care nor mind as they seem to know very little English.





Time: 64:38

Setlist / Quote:
MJK - 'Hello hMJK: Hello hippies. Apparently Bulguria best Germany 2-1. If any body cares.'
Paul D'Amour - 'I don't'
MJK - 'Apparently we're Tool and this is another song'


Paul D'Amour - 'This next song is called Sober. It'll be appearing in an elevator near you.'


MJK - 'This is a love song. It goes out to uhh (?) because he's special.'

Prison Sex

Paul D'Amour - 'This next song is again dedicated to repitition and mediocrity. Thank you very much.'

 No Quarter
 Swamp Song

Paul D'Amour - 'Too many waffles, huh? That's my guess.'
MJK - 'This song's a baptisimal song so you guys can start getting in the water. Ok... line up, in alphabetical order over there, starting with the J's.'
Paul D'Amour - 'This song is called - Justin's a cunt!. Heh. The last Temptation of Jim, that's what it's called.'
MJK - 'Before we get started I have something I really need to get off my chest; it's really important I think I need to say this and share it with you --- 'buseeviioa alla oh dante so are you people of aarheyy judjenson ohhl of the children of huh allaavy love revolution! What do you say?!'
Paul D'Amour - 'Lets talk about freedom one more time & women have the rights to their bodies. And so do I.'
MJK - 'Baa! Baah! Baa! Baa! Baa!'


Paul D'Amour - 'Thank you very much - next up the Mighty Rollins Band. Thank you.'