03.02.94 - Recorded in Studio
03.28.94 -
Aired on FM

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"I've had a second look and this is definitely the the deal.

Tool came into studios on 3rd Feb. 1994 to record some tracks - a session.
On the 28th of March those tracks were played on the evening session with Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley. (sorry got it wrong before).

Hope that sets things straight - good luck

Notes (date - verified - 1):
There had been a long standing debate as to what date this show actually was from. This is the cold, hard facts, straight from the BBC Archives... before I go any farther, let us all give Per a big hand for doing the leg work & figuring out this rather confusing mess! The above is a quote from an email conversation Mr. Per with a BBC representative, Laura... her email; punctuation's and all.
Notes (date - verified 2):
I think that Laura from the BBC must be confusing Feb. with March as, according to Tool's known tour-schedule at this time, they were not playing at that time. I highly doubt that Tool would fly over to London to just play a short session in a studio to have fun. What I think is that the BBC sort of confused the date, remember in American vs. the rest of the world, the day/month are switched for archival purposes. I am almost positive that is what happened. It had to.
Notes (date info --> before verification):
There is speculation that this is either 03.02.94 or 03.04.94 but there is no way to be sure. CatalystX seems fairly sure & he is rather resourceful with dates of this kind but, fact is, this could also have been from July 1994 around when they did the Shepherd's Bush gig. Or, this could have even been from 1993 for God's Sakes - fact is, we do not have a legitimate or -definite- date for this recording. Another issue to consider is that this could have been recorded on one date, then aired later... which it seems as though it was. There are 2 DJ's talking during the intro & outro of the songs and mention other bands/performances such as Morrissey after 4*... anyone who is even remotely clued into MJK's comments regarding Morrissey during this era of time might have a little chuckle here. If you are f-ing clueless, click here for an example (snicker, snicker). So, anyway, if you want to make a long story short, as of early-mid 2004, there is simply no definite date for this show and even if this recording was recorded on one date - it very well could have been broadcasted on another, entirely different date. However, regardless of the date, this was definitely from a BBC Evening Session as the DJ's mention that fact...
Notes (sound):
Excellent, FM recording. It sounds as though Tool was in just a studio & played. not much to say as far as this goes other than I hope every fan gets to take a listen to this sweet little recording. Crisp, clean, loud & balanced, what more could you want? It is a shame that there are not more of recordings like this, isn't it?
Notes (source):
There are at least 2 different recorded sources for this. To my ears, the different versions are either copies from the same broadcast or a different broadcast all-together. I think that this may be the same broadcast/source with different generations & CD-editing attached. The 22:39 source sounds spot-on but the 21:57 source seems to be slightly slow. Also, there is one version that has been put up on Sharing The Groove for DL so many sources may now be from that type of source; FLAC or SHN. Just a note.

(Not slow - More DJ talk)
(Slow - Starts on DJ saying "Opiate")

(Edited - "Jesus, won't you blow the whistle")
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