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Notes / Undertow: The following demos were released on FLAC via various file-sharing services. The precise specifics of the AEnima demos / Undertow out-takes are not known. The 5 Undertow out-takes & the 4 AEnima demos were reportedly on the same cassette thus they will circulate with each other. Only a rough sketch of the scenario is available that consists of someone attaining the out-takes + demos from AEnima on a cassette right around the time Tool was looking for a replacement for Paul on bass. Since that time, they have been sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, until now. (Not counting the 4-track demos). Although there are obviously numerous other demos and out-takes created by the band, these are the only demos we as fans have at this point. Maybe more in the future, maybe not. Time will tell. It is clear that the AEnima demos are really quite rough around the edges. Some collectors have been quoted as saying they are better more interesting than the Undertow Out-takes (that are of better audio quality). In some ways, these demos give an insight into the creative process that Tool use to create their music. Yes, that is Paul D'Amour playing bass on those tracks. The audio quality is pretty good but it is obvious that a few generations of copying occurred before they made it "out". I think that you should take the demos for what they are, demos. They hint at what their piece de la resistance, AEnima, will be. For that & that alone, these demos are treasures.
Notes / Undertow: For specific info on these, click here. Remember that although they are from separate years, the Undertow/AEnima demos travel together. 

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Time: 56:21

AEnima: D'Amour Demos

Undertow: Out-Takes
Swamp Song
Crawl Away