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Unspecified JVC or Sony 8mm Recorder
Source C: Master VHS > DVD
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Image from DVD: Here
Dead Center-Angle

Notes: Up until the end of summer-2005, I did not know that another video of this superb performance existed. Fortunately, there is a center-angle which is, in my opinion, much better than the common right-shot version. This is one of the clearest, entertaining & overall enjoyable videos from this era that is around. Take a look at the images from the video (above) and compare them with not just the other video of this performance but also other videos from this era. Quality - that is this video in one word. Although the camera is shaky at times, the pay-off is the other 99% of the show that has superb captures of the band & some classic screen-shots. This is a wonderful recording that is aching to be in your collection. Now you may ask why did this video take forever to come to light & why is there little source information? The following are quotes from the filmer, without any modification on my part:

the La 3/4/92 is vhc master> panasonic dvd-r If I remember I used a jvc cam at the time??? either that or sony? But its vhc so it had to be my old jvc.... LA 3/4/95 master( center shot) I don't even really remember shooting this show? Back in 2003 I had it transfered over to dvd and just kinda forgot it..I dont recall what I shot it with?, It might have been my old sony?, but that was so long ago?? I remember I got Candlebox around the same time. Anyway, this one is very rare? I think I might have traded it to a few people but I haven't seen it pop up often. Just the common right side shot is around...I might do so more research on this before I put it out. Like i said it was 10 years ago when I shot this but just for your info list I do have it..

Maynardism: "Rowdy, rowdy, rowdy. You guys all right? Something we gotta do, before we keep going. You gotta raise up your hands, hands up, let me see your hands. Ok, Just wanted to check. See, some people say San Bernardino doesn't have thumbs but I just wanted to check that you all do. Strange place"



4 degrees
Prison Sex
Cold & Ugly
No Quarter
(cut at end)