Master Source: Blaupunkt CC844>Standalone Panasonic DVD recorder
Non-Master Source:
Blaupunkt CC844>Sony videotape sp>too many fucking VHS copies>DVD transfer AKA Unknown Recording Equipment
Non-Master Source:
? Gen > PAL> NTSC > Goldwave > .WAV > NERO > CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen))
Taper: eatyourblud
Gen:    1st from Master
Master Image from DVD: Here
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Non-Master Image from DVD: Here

Notes - by Taper. 2006: until recently, i never torrented or released copies from my master to anyone, EXCEPT 2 video copies to 2 people about 8 years ago, and they promised not to distribute it..hehe...guess the fuckers did and it's made it's way around the world ey? You learn something new everyday... oh well, if you want to see a nice clean copy of it, i've got the cleanest and best sounding  I've also got NIN, FNM, Primus and others from the same day.  The reason it's filmed from so far back is because it was pissing down rain the entire day, and that was the only place to film undercover- from the left or right stands way at the back...There was no undercover seating behind the pit/directly in front of the stage, just a big ass merchandise booth!  It was an all GA event, so you could sit/stand anywhere you wanted, but i didn't want my 8mm cam to get fucked up by the rain, hehe. The security was so lax that if itwas a dry day, i could have filmed from anywhere, probably even on topof the merch stand!. Bummer. That festival was a commercial disaster. They expected around 50-80,000 people, only 5-6,000 turned up. Bunch of fat old men trying to take some power away from the BDO festival, but they failed miserably. The main reason it failed was that the organizers got in bed with a very, very commercial radio station, 3MMM, with whom they had contacts, to promote it. The problem was, being a top 40 station, they didn't actually play ANY music by ANY of the bands involved, even in the weeks leading up to the Festival, for fear of losing trendy advertisers! Unlike the BDO which is promoted by a grungy, youth indie station, 3RRR.  Putting on shows during the wet season, as opposed to the BDO in the middle of summer was also not a good idea. A bill like that and it was still a failure! If you want anymore info, let me know... My lens got fogged up a little on the right hand side towards the end of the show, which you've probably noticed on the shitty versions, which mixed with the fog and rain doesn't make for the clearest of shots but i guarantee you it's 1,000 times better than that god awful version that's floating around!...  You'll especially enjoy the better sound. I'm surprised how clear itis being over 10 years old. If only i could get my bloody DV cam to record sound that well without any external mic's ey?
Notes - 2006: The differences between the non-master source & the, as I had assumed, "as low gen as possible VHS>DVD transfer of this show is striking. The sound is good, for one, better than you would think. The video is still shot from the great distance as it was however, in contrast to the "non-master" transfers going around the difference is night & day. This is a definite upgrade to a definitive recording - still, the only source for this show to ever surface in reality or rumor. Excellent job to the filmer.  
Notes - 2006: You will see many collectors with 2 versions or sources of this recording in audio CD form - watch out as there is only one video source! But different folks at different times put this to CD... just a note. Also, this recording is commonly referred to as taken place at the "Festival Grounds" but that is incorrect. 
Notes - 2000: The video is filmed from very, I mean very far away. At least an American football distance. Surprisingly, the sound is good although a little layer of tape hiss is noticeable. The taper is far back in the stands but this is no ordinary distance you may normal think of. The angle of the camera lens is about 60* & at the closest close-up, the band look like ants. The sound is very similar to that, if you can imagine. Not very good...all in all, best left for collectors. It is interesting that at this show, there was sort of a ring of people around the stage but yet stadium seating which looked to be semi-filled. Makes me wonder as to what the hell the promoters were thinking as, man, what a bad seat. As such, this recording has been out for a long time but not a whole lot of people seem to talk about this as it is unlikely this is on anyone's constant rotation. Many copies have bad transitions, are higher generation and were sourced from PAL originally. All the cloning & conversion takes it's toll on a recording.

"This is Easter I think, isn't it? So, this that day they nail that meat to a stick or is that another day? I don't know, decent meals are a hard thing to find on a day like this. That shit. We're going to get some Chinese food later, yeah, believe that shit. This is a love song, it's called Prison Sex"




Time: 44:30

Cold & Ugly
Prison Sex