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Notes: There is, unfortunately, no definitive information about this cover version of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter". It is speculated that this was leaked onto the Internet by a site called lachrymology.com. This now-defunct site (since maybe 2001(?)) hosted quite a bit of stuff on MP3 format; none of it rare - except, of course, for this little gem. This is, without a doubt, not the same version released on Salival. There is a very faint hiss common in very low generation cassette tapes & the mix is certainly not as dynamic as the officially released version. It is suspected that this could be the coveted version that Howard Stern wanted for his "Private Parts" movie + soundtrack. However, the specifics of this will probably never be known unless someone steps up & has definitive information. We would know this when a non-MP3 version of this comes up to the surface. Yes, unfortunately, all known copies/versions of this alternative version are sourced from MP3. Highlights include faint conversations/whispers starting around the 6:00 minute mark... if your constitution is not stable enough for mind alteration remind yourself to not take hallucinogens on a Sunday night! For those that care, the specifics are as such: 128kbs @ 9.71 MB w/a file name of:













Time: 10:36

No Quarter