Source A:
 Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Transfer:  VHS > DVD
DVDTransfer: 3G > VHS > S-Video > Plextor PX-AV100U > U-Lead DVD > DVD 
(transfer: Galen 2005)
CD Transfer:   3G > VHS > L & R RCA > Audiophile 2496 > WAV (transfer: Galen 1998)
Image from DVD: Here
Center Angle

Notes: Apparently, Tool's management recorded this show from 2 different angles as 'promos' or something. Perhaps, the same rationale behind them taping every show of the Fall 2002 tour. This is the center shot & there are two other shots floating around, left + right. Also, a taper has compiled all 3 angles & put them onto one recording. A slight layer of static coats this recording. This is not a soundboard recording - as one may suspect if Tool's management did it. Apparently, this recording simply uses just the microphones it came with. it is suspected that some actual microphone attachment was used. Problem is, no one is really sure. There are other versions of this show out there, right + left cams. All the audio is the same as, with all versions, you can hear a girl's high-pitched scream punctuate an otherwise sweet recording.
Notes: Tool played with Primus this evening. What a way to bring in the New Year. Just imagine that... actually, imagine the audience members. The "Tool" fan - some dude with a beastie tee, new tattoo & a can of coke mixing with the "Primus" fan - some dude & his sister/girlfriend opening up beers with their buckteeth... on New Years? Hell no. I'd stay away...




Time: 1:05:36

Setlist / Quote:


ĎNothing better to do tonight, huh? This is a new face. His name is Justin Chancellor, heís from England.í


ĎHey. I donít know if you guys are following the news or anything, but uh, I think it was uh, Jupiter, recently got hit with a comet or something? And uh, apparently they didnít think anything was gonna happen but today in the news it turns out that Jupiter completely disintegrated. Itís no longer there it just completely vanished. Now I donít know if any of you are familiar with astrology or not but, I think Sagittarius is the sign associated with Jupiter so all of you people that are Sagittarius are gonna slowly begin to disappear and I just wanted to be the first. I just wanted to be the first to say goodbye. Ha-haí


ĎSo I hope you donít mind us playing a few new songs tonight? That was one of emí. This is an older one.í

Prison Sex

ĎThis is a new one. Itís all about L.A falling into the ocean. Itís called ∆nema.í