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Source B:
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Matrix of Center + Right Angle Mix

Notes / 2006: Received a reported 1G of this recording. To me, looks marginally better. This could possibly be an upgrade for someone. As such, I doubt many folks could tellt he difference between the "common" version & the reported "1 Generation" I received here. Still looks grainy as shit to me. So, why confuse anything? However, I still wonder if there is that elusive & reported SBD of this performance out there. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
Notes: Interesting creation. This is, for sure, an amateur & not professional matrix of two of the three known angled-recordings of this performance. If Tool's management did this, chances are, it would have been with the masters and these angles are definitely not the masters as they are slightly grainy. Chances are, the SBD feed would have been spliced into the audio - this is not the case. Still, this is more interesting and enjoyable to watch than the standard center shot that is most likely the most common version out there. I have heard rumors of a 3 came but have not seen it yet... the 3rd angle being from the left. The audio is exactly the same as the center video - you can hear the same -annoying- girl scream every once in a while almost into the microphones as if it was on purpose. Ah well. Would have been nice if they were SBD but, alas, the sound is AUD. Pretty good for a video source though. All in all, this video is slightly dark, slightly out of focus (center does not move but the right angle has a lot of close-ups of MJK) but was edited rather nice. This is the best version I have seen of this show, as of May 2004.
Notes: Tool opened for Primus. What a way to bring in the New Year. Just imagine that.




Time: 64:27

Setlist / Quote:


ĎNothing better to do tonight, huh? This is a new face. His name is Justin Chancellor, heís from England.í


ĎHey. I donít know if you guys are following the news or anything, but uh, I think it was uh, Jupiter, recently got hit with a comet or something? And uh, apparently they didnít think anything was gonna happen but today in the news it turns out that Jupiter completely disintegrated. Itís no longer there it just completely vanished. Now I donít know if any of you are familiar with astrology or not but, I think Sagittarius is the sign associated with Jupiter so all of you people that are Sagittarius are gonna slowly begin to disappear and I just wanted to be the first. I just wanted to be the first to say goodbye. Ha-haí


ĎSo I hope you donít mind us playing a few new songs tonight? That was one of emí. This is an older one.í

Prison Sex

ĎThis is a new one. Itís all about L.A falling into the ocean. Itís called ∆nema.í