DAT --- Sonic Studios DSM6s > Sonic Studios PA6LC3 (-65) > Sony TCD-D7
Location: SEC L, ROW D, SEAT 16 (behind board, close to center)
Taper: Chris Milazzo
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Notes / 2006: The taper, in 2006, FLAC'd his master. Click HERE to read the .txt file for specific information. Please note that the changes are not reflected in the times below (since those times appear to be the most common as not everyone goes for an upgrade).
Notes / 2001: This might be the best '96 recording out there (besides 11.23.96). A little talking in the beginning (crowd) but right away you can tell the recording is superb. No distortion, brick wall or whatever; just a great recording. It sounds to me like the taper is very, very close to the stack...mostly likely on the left-hand side because the sound is amazingly sharp, crisp & on-beat & no one is yelling 'Maynard'. Solid performance, if anything, it is a classic recording that has been confused with being sound-board even though you can hear people talking sometimes, very slightly. The vocals mix with the other instruments supremely. Very few recordings are of this magnitude regarding quality out there. Although there is a new 1st Gen rip out there, I cannot make a determination between what is better, the version that is out there now and has been for a while or the new 1st gen. Sounds the same to me: great.
Notes: As a professional counselor, I am relatively sure MJK had a blending of humanistic (Rogerian) & psychoanalytic theory to help deal with the issues that stem from childhood. Evident in quotes such as listed below...
Notes: Cold & Ugly is the first track on 1st gen disc #2 & is the last track on common version disc #1. Notes: AEnima skips on many, many copies of common version.
Quotes from this version of Eulogy (part with the voice effect):
                   "What's it like to be French? Hey, brainwave, what's it like to be French?"
                   "What's the lyrics, I can't remember"
<<gahd leary>> is elvis"




CD 1
49:00 (1st Gen)
Time: 55:00 (common)

Third Eye

"So, apparently this is Dallas. We're going to need all you people in the center here to move out. We're going to have a little rodeo for about ten minutes. No? Okay, we'll do that later."


"Okay, so, we're Tool. This is our new bass player, Justin. He's from a place where they serve lightly-toasted cups of oil for breakfast."

Prison Sex (OTRM)

Megaphone-Maynard: "Hey, What's it like to be French? Hey, ?Brainwave?, what's it like to be French? Or are you Irish? I can't remember. You remind me of Elvis."

"So, going back to Prison Sex a little bit... a lot of people have a misconception about what that song's about. It's kind of a step in a process. Identifying cycles of abuse and working through those things. It's kind of a first step of just identifying the cycle. The second step would be working through it, which is what Jimmy is about."


Cold & Ugly
 (w/ Passage to Bangkok intro)

"We're going to try something tonight. We've been trying it most of the tour. Let's try it here and see how well you guys do with it. I'm going to count to three, and I want you all to reach way down in there, way down in the deepest part of your heart, and say, 'Yes!' One. Two. Three."
Crowd: "YES!"
"Just say yes."

CD 2
Time: 42:54 (1st Gen)
Time: 38:04 (common)


"So, thank you for coming. This will be our last song."
Crowd: "Boo!"
"Relax, it's not like we're Green Day. This song could be like half an hour [long], right?"


"Okay, we'll do another one. This song is kind of a tribute to a more contemporary version of Jungian psychotherapy involving high colonics."