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Notes - 2000: There is an incomplete version of this show that has spread around in trade circles for a very, very long time. The sound is good but very tinny & is just a little strange -- it sounds like the treble is very, very high - for some reason. IMO, treble is definitely intense. It sounds that the bass is being insanely rolled off as the microphones must -have- to be cardioids microphones. After a while, on this recording, the high-pitch & lack of bass gets a little annoying. That makes sense to me as it sounds just like a cardioids microphone - there is no other real reason for this much 'lack of bass'. are most likely missing from it. . No one really seems to have anymore information nor has a clue about where to attain it. Almost all of the 1996 gigs are on 2CDs, so this is evidence of the incomplete stature of this recording. Interesting, for interests sake -- but I would leave this best left for collector's. There are some cuts in this incomplete version.
Notes - 2000: Time for incomplete recording: 77:01. All that is missing are audience chatter & comments.
Notes - 2004: In 2003, the complete recording was found as commonly in trade circulation as a 2CD set. Since this is the exact same source as the incomplete set, I would have to think that everything mentioned before holds the same. However, there are many MP3 sourced copies of the 11.21.96 show (incomplete) set out there whereas this version has remained clean. Very nice. One thing that surprises me is that Third Eye was not played at this show, it seems that it would have been but, apparently, it was not. If you notice, the setlist is pretty different from other gigs during this particular time period. This recording is also probably above being just for collectors as it is very listenable; I think that the incomplete for various reasons would be for collectors though. This complete version made it's way out from the rock it was hiding from in the middle of 2003.

"This song is about us all being to blame"
"New York, New York. "




CD 2

Hooker With A Penis

CD 1

46 & 2
Swamp Song
Prison Sex