Source :
Analog --- 'Sony Bullet Mic' > Sony WM-D3
Source: MASTER cassettes->Sony stand alone->Easy CD-DA Extractor Pro->TLH->Flac 8
Torrent: Master > FLAC on Dime A Dozen
Gen: 1st from Master
Chuck Dagen (Floridian)

Notes from Taper: use caution on first track because of record level adjustments.
Notes: This little recording most likely should not sound as good as it does. Taped from the first row, it appears to have an added benefit of onstage monitors which brought out much of the high frequencies rather than being buried in mud from taping conditions or otherwise. That said, there clearly is bleed with subtle high end distortion at times. The bass is not thick but also not hollow. There are what appear to be some movement of taper and quite a bit of Third Eye volume adjustments. But that's ok, I think it gives this recording a bit of character rather than being technically perfect. That said, my opinion, this taper pushed his equipment to the limits while managing to capture one hell of a Tool performance. They were simply "on" at this show. I burned this to CD, listening to it to/from a Gary Numan show in Pontiac, MI - this tape is really a fine listen. And until 2010 it was uncirculated. 

"Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine dance do whatever you want. Is this some kind of polka square dancing you guys got going around? What is that? I read somewhere on the Internet that Florida has the best dancers in the whole United States."

Time: 1:29:48


1- Third eye
2- Stinkfist
3- 46/2
4- Undertow
5- Eulogy
6- Prison sex
7- Hooker with a penis


1- H
2- Sober
3- Opiate
4- Aenema