Dirge, Third Leg, Third Eye, Cullen Auditorium

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DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D7 (Oade Bros Mod) - Front of Stack
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Notes: Dec. 12, 1996 in Houston, TX, USA @ Cullun Auditorium never occurred. Those are simply this recording, the silver disc bootleg known as Dirge/Vagina Whistles/Third Leg and also this date. I am sure that someone simply pulled that date & venue out of thin air.  Don't even discuss MP3's as this show probably has the most conversions of any other bootleg out there, there is no way you could keep track... All MP3 & silver disc versions are incomplete recordings of the complete CSB>D7 source. At the end of 2003, the complete, 2 CD version, of this show + same source info surfaced after years of just this incomplete version. The question that is my mind is, how did this end up on a silver disc? Was there a connection with the taper? I'm not passing judgment on the taper, I don't care & if any damage was done, it was done long ago. the answer, to how  this ended up being sold onto a silver disc in the first place if the taper is around (master-holder as it is). From what I was told, the: Italian Mafia had a lot to do with it as does one poor judgment in error as far as trading goes. One thing for sure is that this recording is of very high caliber & quality, even the incomplete recording is good to hear if that's all you can find.  I find this particular show interesting because it was so highly spread on commercial & even home-made "bootlegs" sold in stores throughout North America &, reportedly, this was sold as "Dirge" in London, England as a CDR bought by a fan in Camden Town, London.

"Ever have someone love you so much that they tried to kill you? Or perhaps suck you down into a hole? And you had to kill them to get away? Me either."




Time: 74:00

Third Eye <cut at 6:56>
Stinkfist <missing>
46 & 2
Prison Sex