October 16, 1996
DAT-2 clone

Source B:
DAT --- Sony ECM 959 > Sony TCD-D7 @ 48 KHZ
Position: Unknown
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > coax > Audiophile 24/96 > Sound Forge > WAV (transfer by cu.org/GSP)
Taper: <>
: 2nd from Master
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Notes: This is a wonderful recording. It seems to me that it was recorded Front of Board; kind of has that sound: crisp instruments meshed with a little bit of crowd. Oftentimes, this creates a complimentary & satisfactory experience for the ears. Like an eargasm. Or ear candy. Did I mention in the other review for this that the scream on Undertow (at the end, you know) is just awesome. The sound is balanced throughout although there are a few instances of sound fluctuation; like the taper turned his head or someone brushed against him as they traversed the crowd. Take a listen to the sample; not bad eh! This site has had this recording for a number of years and although it was ascertained from one trader there are other traders that are 'dealing', so to speak, this recording. Even though they were not supposed to on condition of X, Y or Z but whatever. Be persistent; perhaps you may find that someone you know has it. And if you do, you will hear a performance that may have a couple technical flaws but is clearly one of the most interesting (i.e.: with debuts!) but definitely not the worst night of the tour.

Time: 1:26:48


'That was a new one. This is the first show of this album, so in about 10 years you can tell someone. They will just look at you like your lying, but that's okay. But unfortunately for you we didn't polish our shit yet so you get the worst show of the tour.'

Forty-Six & 2

'Friend of mine picked up eh some love for sale down on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Check it out she had cried her pants.'

Hooker With A Penis

'This is Justin. Failure opened up, they have a new album out. Suggest you pick it up it's pretty good.'

Prison Sex

'Not bad for a bunch of old men huh? This is our old guitar tech it's his last night Billy Howerdel. And this is another song.'


'Okay so this is our last song. What ? We're not Green Day it's not 3 minutes long. So when I say it's the last song could be like 17 more minutes right?'

Third Eye