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Notes: Good recording...it just is a little weird. The sound requires a little patience to get used to. Hard to describe, it's like everything is -behind- where the music plays. The sound is very loud, crisp & clear but is simultaneously in the background. I've seen other collector's give this recording an A- if that gives a hint as to how it sounds. Very clear, crowd is low & everything is balanced. Perhaps the best phrase would be that this is a very -full- sounding recording. Which is always good. But it is quite different than most Tool recordings. Like a Cardioids microphone on PCP even though it is a very good microphone source. Interesting. All in all, this is seriously a joy to listen to and I highly recommend it, for those that may care. There has been a vast amount of confusion in regards to this show. There are incomplete versions of this recording floating around out there & this has also been MP3'd back from the Napster days. Just a quick note so you won't get fooled again.... Ohh... sorry about the vague reference to The Who.
Notes - by: Ryan A:
The taper started rolling tape early Ė before the venue lights went down and the rumbling ions came on. As a result you can hear the pre-pre-show music for possibly the only time on the fall-spring Aenima tour. (I'll have to check for others) It turns out to be the same Robert Fripp soundscape played before the Lateralus tour shows. Interesting to hear this outside of an arena setting in a mid-sized venue with a much smaller crowd. 46&2 is a little sloppy. Some missed notes, a wavering tempo, and lack of fluidity. Just not together. And really, this could describe the entire show. It is not one of their best nima performances. Everyone was playing a little stiff, including Danny which proves that he is mortal,  at least at this stage in his career. I say this while still enjoying listening to the performance. And Tool on an off-night is better than 95% of rock bands at their peak. The recording however, is very good. nima tour shows do not normally sound this good, and itís great to hear a recording with such detail from this era. Good clarity on Dannyís toms. Maynard announces that tonight is the debut of the Stinkfist video on MTV. I vaguely remember years ago waiting up past midnight that night to record it on my crappy dorm room TV/VCR combo. ha




CD 1
Setlist / Maynard Quotes:



"Apparently this is Salt Lake. If uh, if you guys make it home by midnight, and you have MTV, the song we just played is premiering tonight at midnight on '120 Minutes.'

46 & 2


"This song is by request. Although we don't take requests, we're going to do one tonight."

Swamp Song


"I noticed uh, I noticed there are a lot of officers around tonight. Anybody notice that? Now I know that uh, I know that they think that this uh, maybe a negative event. But if anybody knows what Tool's about, you know that it's about evolving thoughts. It's about unity. It's about love, compassion. You have to remember, you have to remember that they don't know that. And they're just looking out for you. So have that understanding when you're leaving. And thank them for looking out for you."

Hooker With A Penis


"This is Justin. He's our new bass player. He's from over the ocean - London, England. So send him some tea and biscuits and stuff in the mail. He likes that stuff. Blood sausage. Boiled toast."



"Many of you may be familiar with a song on our last album called Prison Sex. It had a lot to do with the realizing of the cycles of abuse. And uh, just identifying that process and that pattern. This particular song is the next step. It's called Jimmy."



CD 2

Setlist / Quote:

Sober <fade-in>

"Thank you very much for coming down. This is our last song .... on our first album."


"Ok we'll do another one."