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Analog -- Sony One Point stereo Mic (originally sold with recorder) > Sony WM-D3
Taper:      Audio Archivist
Gen:         0 from Master
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Transfer Information: Playback on Denon DRM 500 deck no Dolby playback with azimuth adjusted to match individual tape head alignment through Sentrek analog EQ for warmth and lifeinto Toshiba laptop running Wavelab 3.0 for minor editing (fade in/out through overlapping disc flip segments). Burned to audio CDR twice, and original data lost. I shoulda saved the data, but still own the master tapes! No plans for a ReMaster from originals until technology improves. Ripped with EAC secure mode after discs were given a good cleaning>Trader's Little Helper FLAC8>TDD>?>YOU!

Notes - Taper: In 1996 after the show was over I kept the recorder going walking out and back to the hotel that we'd checked our bags into (coat check). Not included here is finding out (on tape) that my bag with all kinds of my sh*t had been given away to another concert go-er in all the post show confusional stampede! I don't condone the use of drugs, but I was on 2 quads of LSD, and this was not the news I wanted to hear after the elation I'd just experienced minutes before! Spending the next 6 hours trying to find out what had happened to my stuff while coming down from the show was enough, nevermind the LSD!!! That's a recording I never want to hear again! Although I'm SURE there's some choice sampling sections on it that'd make a great comedy album!!! The 1996 show blew my tubes and blew my mind, having gone in with lowered expectations, I was dumbfounded. At times the entire audience was in a trance-like state. I've never seen a rock show where everyone stops nearly dead and transfixed so fully by what's going on on-stage! Really! It wasn't just the drugs! I see that the band puts a lot of effort, energy, thought, and dedication into their tours. I wish they'd realize that there is another level of fan that appreciates the live experience, but may not have the ability to experience it first-hand. This is my attempt to let you experience 2 Tool concerts second-hand with your eyes closed, holding my first-hand experience close. Turn down the lights, turn up the stereo, or even better put on some nice headphones. Excuse the one messy tape flip embedded in one of the songs. It's quick, didn't lose that much, and I don't remember which song or show it's in. Excuse the repetition in this info document. I didn't feel like typing out two different ones, especially considering that they're supposed to live together. Remember that there are 2 Tool Vancouver torrents for 2 shows that fit together fir this set. They surely don't NEED to be a set, but hey it works out well like that...

Notes - Galen: I am rather surprised by the overall quality of this recording. The limitations of the technology are apparent, more so in regards to the microphones, but that fact does not detract from the experience. Until late 2005, this source was not even known to exist until the taper torrented this & his 11/07/2001 recording. For those that are interested in at the very least average recording (sound quality) from 1996 matched with a very good performance from this era, this recording certainly needs to grace your ears. The performance (and for that matter capture) of Third Eye from this show is one of my personal favorites.

Maynardism: "You guys were worst crowd to an opening act that we've ever seen! We like the Cows, that's why we brought them along""




Time: 93:53

Forty Six & 2
 Hooker With A Penis
Prison Sex
<tape flip>
Third Eye