Digital Cassette --- Core Sound Cardioids (w/bass roll-off) > Phillips DCC
Taper:  Wim DeV.
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Notes: The first night of the Third Leg of the AEnima tour, pun intended. Perhaps this why a silver, single disc bootleg entitled 'Third Leg' (same name but different gig as this) Sound is definitely very good. I thought it was a DAT for a long time but, apparently, Wim was using a digital cassette recorder at the time. Sounds quite nice. As a comparison, the 11.14.96 Chicago show is a sound comparison. This recording has been released as '3rd Leg' silver-disc source in Europe. No connection to the taper. Also, there are loads of MP3 sourced versions as well as CDR singles & this had a lot of proliferation during the Napster-era. Anything but a double disc is an incomplete recording. The 2 CD recording has only been released, I guess, since early of 2001 on CD but has been around on cassette for a few years. It took forever, but here it is - the digital version, not sourced from cassette, from the taper. As far as I can tell, this is the exact same recording of the silver disc source so that would mean that the recorder is the individual who sold or manufactured them in the first place? Anyway, a classic performance of the band & a very nice recording of it. This is truly a pleasure to listen to. Over & over again. Also, there are various cassette rips of this floating around so be knowledgeable about what you are getting & trading.
Notes: Please know that the source information above is correct. Some sources say: Core Sound Binaural as the microphones used but that is incorrect, it is

"This is the first show of this European tour - of this album. We came here first because we  like you best."
"This is our new bass player, Justin. He's from Wales."




CD 2


CD 1

Third Eye
46 & 2
Swamp Song
Prison Sex
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