Source A:
Hi8mm --- Unspecified Model > Master > DVD
Taper:        R. Simonek
Gen:         1st from Master
Image from DVD: Here

Notes: Overall, this very well could be the clearest, sharpest, most detail oriented, cleanest, professional, live and intensely accurate audience recordings of Tool to come out of this particular leg of the tour; or even from the entire AEnima era. Best of 1997 for sure. The camera is more straight & non-jerky than 99% of other Tool recordings and the audio came out superbly well for being sourced from a Hi-8mm. There are few videos of this caliber out there. And to think, according to the taper, this is the only Tool show he has ever taped. There is always the future. Filmed from the center-mezzanine, the screen and band are illuminated in a way that is as raw as it is an accurate capture of Tool on video. Even over 7 years later, this recording definitely is better than many of the modern equipment and taper's - some people set the bar very high or get very lucky while taping. When you watch this recording, you can feel free and be the judge. When you see MJK painted up in blue, convulsing like a schizophrenic on a hot-tin-roof during AEnima, let me know...
Notes: When I asked the taper about what source information (model # of camera), he did not remember as it broke sometime in the late 1990's and he had only recently started to film again. Hopefully, we can look forward to more high quality recordings in the future. There are also numerous VHS-gen cassettes and DVD's just floating around in the trade pool, know what you are getting beforehand.

"Welcome to the war zone"
"I know this is - this is kind of a long shot, but if some of you would just bare with me; is there anybody here from the United State Military Academy Prep School? Because if you are, your not supposed to be. You are in big trouble. If you are, this song goes out to you"
"This song goes out to my very close friend, Tim Colliante" <H>




Time: 83:39

Third Eye
Prison Sex