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Notes: Second night of Lollla '97 tour. Sound is just a little distant & there is a little layer of fuzz underneath the sound. There are a couple times when the recorder is talking: "his pants are amazing". Some girl says "his breasts are amazing, I gotta get me some of those". Normally, talking like that is a little irritating but the commentary actually adds a little to the show. All in all, good performance & a decent recording. I think that maybe someone who listens for the performance & not necessarily for audio clarity would appreciate this rather than someone completely in it for some great audio. There is a layer of fuzz that coats the recording as well. Sounds like either a bunch of computer hiss from an analog transfer to CD or a cassette transferred to CD. In a sense, maybe this is best left for collector's.

"Most people think that this next song is about some apocalyptic ending, having to do with California falling into the ocean. Never mind, wrong song"
"So what I was saying before I was so mistaken, about a year ago, our drummer Danny, went to the doctor. Well, not really a doctor -- are you familiar with a hi-colonic? They blow water up your ass? Clean out your colon. Well, Danny was doing this at the doctors & he had this incredible out-of body experience. He lifted up out of his body & was lead by this spirit guide through the sky, out past the belt of Orion, and back to the Giza plateau in Egypt. He went down into the pyramid & was handed these scrolls which foretold about this huge cataclysm and right before he could read it & find out what the punch line was...he remembered that he was getting his ass washed out so he had to rush back into his body to pay the doctor. So, we'll never know"




Time: 73:59

Third Eye
Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2