Source A:
DAT - Soundman OKM-II > Casio DA-R100 / 48kHz

DAT:         DAT-1 > Digital Clone-2
CD:           DAT-1 > CD (transfer by Per: 2005)
Taper:       Anonymous
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Notes - Recording: Simply put, this is a beautiful recording capturing Tool at one of the many peaks in their career. Up until 2005, there were no known actual recordings of this show floating around anywhere; there was only the incorrectly labeled 02/19/97 MP3 sourced 'bootleg creation'. It is with a heavy heart we thank those that contribute to the trade-pool; collectors, tapers & of course the band themselves. As the bass washes over you with the introduction of Third Eye, you can easily close your eyes, heighten your senses and it is as if you are there, watching this performance. Although there are a few excellent recordings from this year, there may be some truth that this is one of the best available with features of low crowd noise, sound with wide dynamic range & one intense show. Highly recommended.
Notes - Per:  Per put in an absolutely obscene amount of work in regards to hunting this + the other 3 Tool recordings from this taper down. These recordings would quite possibly never, ever have been known to exist had it not been for his innate skill in hunting sources-down. After everything, he then shared these with collectors thereby severely limiting any amount of trades he may get out of them. Although all of these shows are now common in the trade circle, please let it be known that it is to his credit that these recordings are even in your collection. Remember that what comes around, goes around - next time you receive something 'cool' shoot Per a line flintstone5@hotmail.com to offer to trade or just send it to him.

Maynardism: "Berlin. Thank you for the warm welcome."
Maynardism: "This is the last song... on our first album."





CD 1

Third Eye

"Berlin. Thank you for the warm welcome."

46 & 2
Swamp Song

"This is our new bass player Justin. He's from Cleveland Ohio."

(w/extended outro)
Prison Sex

"This is, uh, a love song of sorts"
(into Pushit)


CD 2

"This is the last song... ...on our first album"


"You guys are so quiet we thought you'd left. Do you want something?"