Video --- JVC VHS-C (built-in microphone)
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Notes: Rumor has it, an unknown analog recording of this exists as well. This may make sense as there is virtually no source information to be found regarding this show. There is a layer of fuzz which may mean this was transferred from the video or a cassette transfer. A slight brick wall and a distant sound compounded with the taper + friends singing along = something best left for collectors. The crowd is a bit loud & seems to overpower the music every now & then. Not a bad show, but not a great one; sound wise. The performance, on the other hand, is of a standard par with other '97 performances but yet like all Lollapalooza gigs, there is a sense of this band just going out there, doing their thing & calling it a day while also making a subtle statement. Interesting stuff. The setlist is rather intriguing as well, I think. Would love to hear something like that today live...
Notes: Beware of random VHS>DVD transfers of this. The taper put this to DVD from the Master in 2003/2004 & is much better quality than any previous installment I, at least, have witnessed. Very nice.

Maynardism: "Watching? Boo-oston. Bo-oston...this song is about subtle changes."




Time: 70:50

Hooker With A Penis / cut
46 & 2
Crawl Away