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Notes: Sound is a little saturated at peak levels on high & lows but is, after all, pretty good. Not the very best, not the very worst by any means. However, I would say that it just takes a little while to get used to the overall feel of the recording. Bass is a little blasted as well which may irritate some. Let me put it like this, if this had been recorded in 1993, we would say it was an awesome recording but for the time period it would arguably be considered less than average. There is also a layer of fuzz coats this audience recording. Plenty of people talking around recorder. This is a good & semi-accurate capture of Tool playing a relatively standard setlist for this leg of the tour. If anything, there are some interesting quotes by Maynard at this show.

"It seems like you people are fans of the music. So we practice these songs - except for Prison Sex. Just kidding. What was I saying? It's about the cycles of abuse, and recognizing those cycles and the next step which would be working through them. This songs called Jimmy"
Maynardism: "Some people have this idea that we are, uh, anti-religion or something. Which, uh, that's kinda true but I'd like to clarify it if I could: down through history, you have several individuals, like through every time period you have several individuals who have a moment of clarity of unity and they realize that it's all about evolving thoughts and ideas. Choosing compassion over fear, all these ideas, they go to share them with everybody. The message is pretty simple; then all of a sudden, they get an agent and the agent fucks everything up & turns it into religion. And that's the problem with all these people like Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammad - they have the right idea but then they got their agents who just went & fucked it all up."




Time: 79:35

Third Eye
46 & 2
Prison Sex