Source C:
DAT --- Marcsounds > Sony TCD-D8 / 48 kHz
Gen: 3G DAT-C
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1st Gen Notes: If you were to take a long, hard + calculated look around in the world of Tool AUD recordings from this era, as of 0/62006, you would notice that this source is extremely hard to find. Looking on trader lists, etree.org or even the random website, this source would not be smiling at you. Why? Beats me. However, I can speculate & think that because there are at least 2 other decent sources for this performance that this one has been passed over over time. This is a shame as this source although ripe with audience noise does offer a glimmer of insight into Tool performing at this point in their career. The recording itself has a layer of sporadic digital noise that (although especially noticeable before HWAP) is there only if you look for it. For some folks, taking a listen to this source may at first make you wonder why you are doing so. Upon further diligent listening you will hear a very solid recording that is, perhaps, the best overall recorded source of this stellar performance. You may have to adjust the volume on your listening equipment at some time & sure the instances of the crowd yelling may annoy you but in-between those detractors is a very accurate capture of Tool on their second to last performance of 1997. Go for it. Good luck on this journey.

Maynardism: "Ok. So enough of that. This un-rehearsed song goes out to Tim & Tom."




Time: 82:03

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
(long intro to 3rd eye)
Third Eye