DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > w/o bass filter > Sony TCD-D7 / 32 kHz (line in)
Source: Aleal5687
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Notes / Taper / FLAC: The following is from a .txt file from taper circa 02/2006 as it was torrented on dimeadozen.org: Here is what I remember... I taped the show from where I taped Failure earlier that afternoon(about 25 ft from right PA). A few mosh pits broke out around me so I tried to move but screamers/pits everywhere. I finally ended up 5ft FOS after about 30min or so of fighting my way through the crowd. This was the first and last time I every taped a summer festival in South Texas!!!! First 30min sounds a bit rough.If anyone has the "remaster" version please seed. I don't know why this is considered rare I traded it with all my friends. Check out http://www.collectiveunconscious.org/97corpuschristi0803.html for more info and mp3 sample
Notes / 2002: This recording was relatively rare up until 2001 as this is the only known source of at least a good performance. Well, you can tell that Tool was in good form tonight. However, the recording has an audible fuzz layer to coat the sound which is very noticeable. I am running the sound through a 'recording studio' filter via my home receiver so the fuzz is cut by about 60% & the instruments & vocals are much sharper than they are originally so, on head phones, you are dealing with a collector's item here. However, if you can get over some technical audio issues, you will get a very nice listen. It sounds ok but still rather distant - far away. There are also microphone noises & crowd chatter. If you put this recording on headphones, it is not the best experience. That said, this is probably best left for collector's only. One notable inclusion is that there is a 4-minute jam into Opiate complete with bongo drums. Awesome setlist though, very nice. Recently, a Tool taper, Adam B.,  equalized & remastered this particular recording, adding drums, removing hiss & upping the highs a little. The time for CD 1 = 42:47 & the time for CD 2 = 38:23. There is a slight difference in sound quality & the remaster is a slight improvement but, still, the recording is pretty much the same, ultimately.

Maynardism: "We have a little safety film to show you tonight. Kind of like when you are in drivers ed. & they show you all those accidents, with all those bloody cars & everything that's going on. This is kind of a safety film called: 'hi-colonics & you.' <into Ænima>




CD 2

Third Eye

CD 1

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex