Unknown Analog Recording Equipment
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Notes: Please take note, this is for very serious collector's only. I am pretty sure that there is a video of this show floating around somewhere as the sound is very, very similar to a VHS rip. On the other hand, this could be a rip from a cassette. For some reason, unknown to me, there are 1 second gaps between tracks. At first I thought the talking between songs was cut but soon I discovered that the disc was merely TAO vs. DAO. Oh well. Really, not worth trying to fix up. The sound quality is lacking but at least you can tell what song it is. There is lots & lots of crowd/taper talking as well. To boot, there is a whirling effect when the high end hits too hard. All in all, an interesting performance. Tool seemed to have quite a bit of energy. The addition of No Quarter is enough to make any recording, no matter what the quality, worth a few listens. I wonder if that VHS will show up ever...

"We haven't played this one in a while but we will for you guys because you are so special. It's a song by Rush..."




Time: 64:50

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Cold & Ugly
No Quarter