February 12, 1997

Unknown Analog --- Unknown Microphones > Unknown Aiwa Cassette Walkman
Position: Unknown
Transfer: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > coax > Audiophile 24/96 > Sound Forge > WAV (transfer by cu.org/GSP)
Taper: Unknown
: 1st from Master
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Notes: First things first, allow me to explain the gen of this recording. Many years ago, the 1990's, a taper named Ballz ascertained this little gem from the taper, from Belgium, who's name is currently lost in the sands of time. The taper made a copy of his master & sent it to Alaska, USA where it sat for perhaps at least a decade until, for some reasons that continues to boggle my feeble brain, this collector sent me the cassette, the actual cassette, that the taper had sent him. Take note, my friends, this is an element of trading that is missing from all of the 'online'/FLAC bullshit. This connection with the music, with other tapers, with the hobby, with the band - or more appropriately, connecting with the band on the level that is only reached while either seeing them live or hearing them live. Anyway, getting off track, that is why this is a 1st Gen. I do stand by the comment about 'gem'. This is a steady, steady recording. I believe that DP, also from Alaska, put it best when he said that this taper pushed his equipment to the limits. Yeah. This is the same taper as the source for 3/18/1994 Ghent, Belgium as well. It should be noted that had Ballz & this taper not traded then this particular recording would very well be lost in the sands of time. As for the recording itself, I must say, I fully enjoy it. The sound is surprisingly clear but it does definitely lack a bit of depth as there is a 'tinny' sound to it. That said, it is quite surprising that it does sound as good as it does. This is, most likely, the only recording of this show that will surface. It's kind of amazing, really, all it takes is just one person to tape a concert & even now, 12 years later, here it is...

Time: 1:27:59

Set list:

Third Eye

'This is our new bass player, Justin. He's a miserable, overweight, child of unborn parents from Belgium. Hah.'

Swamp Song

'Let's try something. I'm going to count to three & I want you to reach way deep down into the darkest part of your heart & I want you to say yes. 1-2-3. Just say yes'

Prison Sex

'Apparently, this song is being released for the radio not sure if it's true or not - it's the next single, it's called H.'


'It's been said inthe past that people in Europe are having a difficult time understanding what';s being said because we don't print the lyrics in the album, I think we might have a solution... if you'll write down what you think the lyrics are then mail them in, I'll read them then send you back the real lyrics. Fair enough? Or you can just find them on the Internet, check them out there. I would prefer the former'


'This is all about the time that Adam thought he won the lottery but he didn't. But he went out & bought a bunch of stuff, thinking that he did & he had to give it all back. He blamed GOD'


'OK. one more. This song is abouty the time that Danny went into the doctor to get a hi-colonic. You know what that is - they shoot water up your ass. Hi-colonic, ok? He went into the doctor to get a hi-colonic & he got an allergic, allergic reaction and he started seeing all these visions of the future'