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CD = 2nd Gen DVD --> Goldwave --> .WAV --> NERO --> CD ((Mastered to CD by Galen in  2001))
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Notes: As of Dec, 2002, the taper of this show has put it onto DVD from his master. Sound is remarkably good, much better than the original source I had only heard before. Although a little shaky at times & heads get in the way as well, there are some very nice close-ups of each member of the band but mainly Maynard. Also has some good screen shots. Interesting to see how Stinkfist 'live' video has transformed over the course of touring. This show is at dusk & Maynard is the 'Geisha' (with the pony-tail). So weird, it is, very weird. I would recommend this show -if- you can get a DVD or very low gen as, anything else, you may be taking a chance on getting something less than you would hope for.
Notes: The taper has put this recording onto DVD from the master. Look forward to it, very nice. There are a couple VHS/DVD > CD transfers out there of variable quality.
Notes - from CU.org message board member Jadg2, 12/30/2005:
Picked this up in a trade & was pretty impressed. This copy must be VHS1 or Master, as the picture is very clear, if filmed from a little distance, while the audio is clear if a little quiet/distant too. Little jiggy at times because of the distance but good, anyway. Really impressive visually with all 3 front band member painted, nice light show & just a hint of the screen at times. Filmed over more from the left side and usually shows a few band members rather than just MJK. The guitar & bass actually dies in 4 degrees, and the song stops temporarily, only for the band to launch right back into it when it's hooked up. Certainly impressive. There's a plenty more highlights (strobing/Maynard's crazy dancing during 46&2 ?), I'd definitely recommend picking up a copy. Make sure it's a master/low gen tho, as I'd imagine this would be a bit of a chore to listen too with added hiss & loss. Just another thought, maybe it's the angle, but there seems a great rapport this night between Justin & Maynard, like he's singing to him a lot, lol. Before Third eye, MJK mutters something about him as well but didn't quite catch that. As well, thought it was pretty funny the heads getting in front of the camera, 2 big guys with vests, tattoos & so many piercings. Not for any special reason, just in the same way a North American person might find it interesting at a European show or something like that.

"Let's try something. I'm gonna count to 3 & I want you to dig way, way down deep into your hearts & find a  little shadow in the corner, that you never look at, & in that corner, I want you to say yes. Ready? 1,2 3"




Time: 1:09:59

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Third Eye