DAT --- Marcsounds > Sony TCD-D8 / 48 kHz
Gen: 3G DAT-C
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Notes / Original: Original Notes: Although this recording is slightly distant sounding, has a nice layer of crowd noise/yelling & has a slight semi-brick wall from bass-flutter, it is, all in all, pretty good. A recording of this caliber, to be so widely available (over time) is nothing to be taken lightly. There are various rips of this including DAT + cassette so please make a not of the lineage when you are seeking a copy. As such, disc lengths & times may be different based on those conditions. Listed below is the most common versions. For those that are interested in the Obsessive Compulsive type of source information; the above generation & this time (85:59) are relevant to the 3G>CD rip of this recording. Some people may consider this a slightly rougher recording & enjoy it not for sound quality but as an examination of the performance by the band. This, IMO, is the reason to listen & collect live recordings of Tool or any other band to begin with. Not just to be blown away by a beautiful recording as although this is a good capture, the way the bass "hits" will turn off many folks. In short, performance is great, recording is good; at least it is accurate. And, yes, that is a version of Merkaba before Opiate -- not before Sober. Interesting. Is that the only time Tool did that? Great setlist for the last night of Lollapalooza & Tool's last performance of 1997.

"The Hagar ReMaster - 2008": : In the frozen tundra of Alaska there is an OGT taper named Steve Hagar. Perhaps you would recognize the style from a F-ed up story, a picture on the Net or, better yet, through your own Tool collection as he has recorded numerous Tool performances since 1993 including a couple of my favorites (i.e.: 06/23/1993 + 12/17/1996). Well, back in the day he was actually kicked out of this performance as he was caught taping – actually, taking pictures from one of the first rows in @ the performance. Apparently a security guard hit him & took his film + tape before kicking him out – bad stuff, great story. So, apparently a friend of Hagar’s attained a 1G DAT clone of this show & put it to cassette for him. In early 2008 he sent cu.org a CD version that had been dramatically EQ’d from the cassette source. This remastered version is considerably smoother & definitely an upgrade. You can tell it was done with love & a bit of passion – perhaps for the loss of his source? There is a definitive layer of hiss just like in the other sources but I do not have any idea how to effectively eliminate it without altering the overall sound. I am not sure it is even possible to be honest with you. So, other than this issue we cannot change, the capture (which was clearly recorded rather low on the original DAT Master) is excellent – much, much better than the other transfers floating around collections. The technical beauty of this recording is there, you have to train your ears to hear it though. So, this is definitely a wonderful performance, an upgrade (remaster) of sound & captures a very good performance by Tool. Highly recommended.

Maynardism: "This is kind of a love song - but might be all (of a love song)"
Maynardism: "This is probably the closest thing to the original idea of alternative, as it's ever gotten, I would think. So hopefully today, you've set a side your preconceptions, set a side what your friends think is cool & just opened your hearts & let the music move you"  
Maynardism: "How many of you are tripping? Sounds like a lot of you aren't so all of you that are - acid are on - buckle up, see ya"

CD 1

Hooker With A Penis
4 degrees
46 & 2
Pushit (alt.)

CD 2

No Quarter