Source A:
Unknown Video Recording Equipment
Source A: Low Gen VHS > DVD
Source A: VHS > CD (transfer by Galen in 1999)
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Notes: There is a layer of fuzz, coating this recording. There is almost no -I mean no- bass. There are also some odd digital sounds that are probably from the Master>VHS so take note of that. A couple of channel flutters too. Maybe this would be best left for collector's. Decent sound but it all kind of is at one level & does not really have any peaks or valleys. It's all even. Good performance. The video is shot from the back-right of the venue. There are some decent close-ups although they are nothing to really write home about. The video, at times, has that 1980's slow-motion feel / bad special effects to it & look to it, more appropriately. I have a feeling that the same person responsible for this creation is the same person responsible for the 07.11.98 recording. The special effects (or defects since they are so lame), give credence to my perception. The video must be a low even though there is a line of analog distortion > dvd to it. There are a couple instances where audio is there but the video itself is frozen for a minute or so... odd. All in all, this could be a bit more pleasant, overall. Perhaps of someone took the time to mix the csb>d8 source with this then it would be a bit more interesting?

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Time: 1:15:55

Hooker With A Penis
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Swamp Song
Swamp Song