Source C:
Analog Recording --- (unknown microphones) > Sony WM-D6
Taper: Beau Marsh
Gen: ANA-M > WAV > CD-1 > EAC > WAV
: Torrent
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Notes: This recording surfaced rather late in the game, so to speak. Quite a wonderful little gem as the sound is above average for this time period & the performance is, well, classic Tool. There are the classic Tool 'whewws' a few times, however, this is less a criticism, more of an observation. The taper seemed to have a relatively firm grasp on the how-to's of taping which shows a bit. The microphones, to me, sound a LOT like Sony ECM microphones although some trader presumed that they may be Aiwa CM-30 - which I personally doubt based on the sound. Apparently the taper did not recall the type of microphones, either. As it is, this is definitely a show that many collectors or fans will most likely listen to more than once. Of course that presumes that many 'hardcore' traders/collectors actually listen to recordings like this - this, I doubt. This hobby is filled with so many wanna-be posers it's enough to make you want to grab a Kelly Clarkson CD, an issue of Juggs, rusty slinky & a balloon filled with nitrous.

Maynardism: "Tee shirts, baby T's; all on sale, just for you,"                                                                                 

Time: 68:25

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Swamp Song
Swamp Song