Source B:
DAT --- Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D8
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Notes: For some reason, this particular recording has been widely elusive for many Tool collectors. This is due partly to various VHS>CD rips of the other known source floating around & also because, simply put, this DAT source has been confused with other shows. Oh well. Hopefully, now, this mystery is solved. There are some occasions where the 2 known sources overlap a little bit with the screams as well, this is strange. One thing to consider: it is not totally uncommon that taper's work together. Just a thought. This is definitely not the video source though, not a chance. There is a bit of talking around the taper & a couple obligatory "wheeww's" so this is not a crystal clear recording. The bass is rather prevalent as well. There are quite a few digi-noises that occur sporadically in this recording & they are common in all known circulating copies. However, those minor flaws should not turn the collector off. This is an awesome capture of Tool doing what they they do. When I listen to this, I adjust the bass a bit & turn up the high frequencies - that allows the depth of the recording to come out a bit more. Make it a bit brighter. So, in sum... depending on what your activity level is this may be a semi-challenging recording to come by but it is worth it if you look over minor flaws. I highly recommend this as it is very "live" & is, more importantly, a quality DAT recording.

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Time: 67:12

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Swamp Song
Swamp Song