DAT --- Audio Technica 822 > Sony TCD-D7 @ 48khz (taped with hi-gain "on")
Location (as per taper):  If I remember correctly we sat in the back or on the side towards the back.
Taper: The Outsider (dAVE K.)
: DAT-M (cu.org - acquired master)
Processing: DAT-M > Tascam DA-20 > Coax > Audiophile 24/96 > WAV > Goldwave (Normalize, Parametric EQ, Volume adj., et.c) > resample to 44.1khz > CD WAV > CD (transfer by GSP)
MP3 Sample - Equalized / Edited: Right click & save
MP3 Sample - Original/Unedited: Right click & save

Notes by taper - 2007: This is the only time I have seen Tool. (I remember) the light went out & when we saw Maynard he was blue from head to toe. I missed the recent stop in Columbus. I have a vivid memory of trying to get into this show. I went with a friend & his girlfriend. We had to pass through security before getting in the doors. The old metal detector and pat down. During the pat down security found my battery pack and the part of the mic that connects to a stand. The AT822 is rather large and I would hold on to the part of the mic connected to the stand and have the rest of the mic hidden up my sleeve. Anyway security wouldn't let me in even though they couldn't find my recorder and the mic. I've heard security will grab certain areas but not this time. So I'm standing there with my friend & his girlfriend standing inside watching me. The next thing I know security is checking the purses of two girls behind me. They were rather attractive and flirting with security. I don't know if they were helping me out but no one was watching me so I hurried in (to the venue) and gave them our tickets.
Notes - Galen: The taper said that he would be happy if I would be able to make this recording listenable at all.  I suggest that you take a listen *first* to the original sample provided then take a listen to the massively EQ'd version I did. Make no mistake, this recording is strictly for hardcore collector's only as the bass is brickwalled, the vocals are surprisingly (fairly) clear but there are layers of distortion pervasive throughout the entirety of this recording (even after the EQ). There is only so much you can do or, more precisely, that I can do however I think this is as good as it's going to get. Of course this is compared to the original, master recording. Even aspects of Adam's guitar work end up in the land of distortion. Between songs, though, things are relatively clear & clean. The sample provided, Ænema is a little bit 'worse' than other tracks on the recording. There is also a weird swishing sound but this is not from the EQ but is found on the master. Audio aside, the performance captures Tool at one of their most polished, stage presence/energy-wise. Although it can be a tad hard to tell throughout this recording, the performance was rather strong, the setlist is interesting & there are no noticeable screw-ups for that matter. Again, this is not for the faint of heart but for the OCD collector who would benefit from an audible challenge that is, actually, worth it (to hear the performance of course). Until 04/2007, this source (and for that matter performance) were not in any sort of trade circulation. The taper said that he cannot recall listening to this (on DAT) after the show due to the audio quality. Hopefully, though, he will enjoy the CD version. I would like to further thank the taper for giving the DAT-M to cu.org --  very much appreciated!

Maynardism: "High in the outside, round in the middle"
Maynardism: "This Justin our new bass player... he is from Kent, OH"




CD 1

Third Eye
Forty Six & 2
Crawl Away

CD 2