Source A:
Cassette -- PC62 > Sony WM-D3 ((unknown cassette > CD transfer))
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Notes / Neogenosis 2006: Just added a line from 4 degrees. "My dick's too short to push it away." He sneaks that shit in there. You got to listen for it.
Notes / Galen 2000: Recording is, all in all, pretty good. There is some slight, slight channel shifting which is only noticeable if you really look for it. On headphones, especially, you can tell. I think someone may have gone over-board when equalizing it or something, not sure. Or, maybe more likely, the microphones only pick out the very loud parts for each channel then goes down as they were loose during the taping session. This is an issue persistent in the recording but gets much, much better by the time . Sound itself is well balanced as far as brick walls, highs & lows compliment each other well. That shift in sound...it just kind of sucks. For that reason, that reason alone I would say this would most likely be best left for collector's. It could very well be just me but, honestly, volume changes drive me fucking crazy. Also, there is a layer of hiss, either computer (from transfer to CD) or cassette, which is noticeable at lower decibels. Surprisingly, this is one of the better cassette recordings I think I have heard.

"This is a very special song, goes out to a very special person - it goes out to Migilla Gorilla's sister Camilla."




CD 1

Third Eye



"This song is a love song and it goes out to Eric ?Marrow?"

Crawl Away

(w/ extended outro)
After 2nd chorus: "I wish you would be the one to save me from my own decision." (?)


"This is a very special song. It goes out to a very special person. It goes out to Magilla Gorilla's sister, Camilla."

"My dick's too short to push it away"

"Apparently we've released another single. I don't really listen to the radio much, so I wouldn't really know. This is a song about choices."


"This is the last song..."
Crowd: "Nooooooo!!!"
"...on our first album. And I guess there's been some discrepancy about what it's about. Long time ago some people had some moments of clarity and kind of wrote down their concepts or went and talked about them. Concepts having to do with unity, evolving thoughts, choosing compassion over fear, things like that. All kinds of people; Gandhi, Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed. Those are pretty cool ideas, but then what happened was a bunch of guys who wanted to make a buck got involved and fucked it all up. Never trust an agent. Never trust an agent. They'll fuck up it all."

CD 2



"Shut up. Okay, one more."