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Notes: Very good audience recording. It sounds to me like the taper was very, very close to the stack...maybe like 10-20 feet away. There is very low crowd noise & what noise there is is drowned out by the loudness of Tool's music. It's always interesting to hear how Tool interacts with crowds in different parts of the world. Hear it sounds like Tool are treating the crowd like Americans but seem to be enjoying themselves more doing it. So the music seems a little more vibrant, at least to me. Although the setlist may be relatively common for a gig from 1997, it does seem to mean a little more being from Australia...or...obviously...a different country. For the very anal-traders/collector's -- there is a little glitch in Third Eye that sounds like the microphone was pulled out or touched once or twice. The glitch is also on the DAT copy so it is confirmed that this is sourced from the master copy. For those that may care, the DAT recording sounds quite a bit fuller than the CD version that is so common. Perhaps a better transfer may be in order...

Maynardism: "Sydney. My, my step- fathers name is Sydney" (what's that mean?)
Maynardism: "So, I'd like to clear up a little misconception about the band, if I could. A lot of people think that just because there's a lot of energy coming off the stage like this that we're all about hate -violence & stuff like that. And that's just not the case. We're about a lot of things; unity, evolving thoughts & ideas, choosing compassion over fear, emotional stuff and, uh, anger  which is ok. Anger is constructive, unlike hate which is destructive. This particular song is about choices"




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Third Eye
46 & 2
Prison Sex