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Source: The J-Files, "Australia's Youth Radio", with Richard Kingsmill
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Notes: For even more information about not just this particular Tool feature but also about Triple-J Radio, follow this link & explore (as of 10/09/04 this link works).
Originally aired on MJK's 33 B-day; the "J-Files" (Aussie music show) features interviews with Adam
Jones & Danny Carey & Kabir of TDN and, ultimately, Maynard. This is sound-board in quality as it is a FM broadcast. But, really, you would probably have to be a pretty intense collector to listen to the entire radio show. Worth checking out for sure. As a highlight,  MJK gives his 'High Five' --- the 5 records that changes his life. This was not done specifically for MJK, from my understand this is a common element to this broadcast show. The announcer is relatively cool and gives a relatively nice overview of the band & their history up until this point. Definitely one of the most interesting & rather unique, believe it or not, programs featuring Tool that I, at least, have heard. Also, the radio has people calling in, giving their favorite Tool songs & concert reports. Each disc is one big track & there are no commercials.

Maynardism: "...Joni Mitchell saved my life..."




CD 1 -- 69:45 -- DJ, Phone Calls, Adam
CD 2 -- 67:20 -- Danny Carey, Kabir
CD 3 -- 57:31 -- MJK High Five