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Notes: Good audience recording. The taper must've stood close to a stack of speakers as the sound is very clear, crisp & the crowd is very low. I am pretty sure that this was an outdoor venue as the sound, although clear, just has that outdoor feel to it. This was a festival performance, the setlist is evidence of this as well as other reports. Sound is not as superb as it could be with the equipment used but is still quite good & a nice addition to any collection. Interesting setlist as well. It is surprising to me that the DAT version sounds so much fuller - even better than the CD transfer that is so common out there. Although the Gen is "?" I assume that it is not much past 4-5 Generations deep. There is no hiss or other annoying noise which is definitely a plus. The DAT version is most likely a 3G but I cannot verify it. Since there are other DAT recordings + cassette copied floating around it is assumed that there are also more than just one rip of this as well on CD. 

Maynardism: "Good evening hippies"
Maynardism: "This is kind of a love song. Ever since the Catholic church removed everything that was feminine, intuitive & emotional from Western religion, sex has kind of gotten a bad name. I think it's kind of disappointing since sex is the most positive energy you can generate in the entire Universe. People are afraid to
have it anymore. I think it's kind of ironic that you're afraid to have sex but you'll smoke. And you know that kills you. In my opinion, it would be a lot better to die fucking than smoking..."




Time: 67:19

Crawl Away
46 & 2
Prison Sex