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CD: Unknown Transfer
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Notes: This is the first show of Lollapalooza. Although the above source info is correct; this sounds like no cardioids recording I've ever heard. The sound is more like a distant binaural than anything else; the bass is hollow but the highs are good enough, decent I suppose. If anything, the taper was a good deal of distance away from the stacks, that is for sure.  For some reason, the lollapalooza & ozzfest recordings have almost 'round the board been not up to par with other Tool recordings. This is definitely decent, a great performance & a nice addition for the collector but....in a sense, this would most likely be best left just for collector's. For what it's worth, this is probably the best sounding 'collector's' recording I've heard. So...take it with a grain of salt. I like the recording but I'm not sure how many other people would. There is a slight skip during Stinkfist common in all copies - and, no, the skip is not on the DAT; definitely a transfer issue.

Maynardism: "So, I hope you all are taking advantage of this years Lollalapalooza. This wouldn't neccessarilly be considered an alternative bill since that word doesn't mean anything anymore. (Just make sure you listen) to things you've never heard of, stuff you don't like. But, I would encourage you to open your hearts & listen to all the bands on this bill so you can learn something. For example, tonight when we're done, stick around for Orbital - you won't be sorry"




Time: 61:26

Hooker With A Penis
46 & 2
Prison Sex