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Position: Unknown
Transfer: Unknown
Taper: Unknown
: 2 ((apparently, a copy from master was given to collector X & ripped to WAV when it was given to cu.org))
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Notes: Let's be serious here; this is a recording that is both massively incomplete (at two locations - less the first two songs + the last two songs), has mild if not moderate brickwall throughout (due to the poor microphones) & has a good deal of talking, cajoling, discussing & yelling from either the taper + his friends or people right next to the taper. That said, this is without a doubt a serious for collectors only. Take a listen to the sample above; yes, not awful but hardly something to get excited about. Replay value is very low to the poor sound quality although the performance, what was captured of it, is fairly entertaining. The band was quite tight & MJK was talkative with a sassy flair. Listening to the audio I would presume he is wearing the Geisha costume this evening. Very rare recording, for some reason. Honestly, I cannot imagine why many people would want this one - even to 'fill a hole in their collection'.



Sweat **
Eulogy **

{** missing}

Swamp Song

‘We have a guest. His name is Buzz from the Melvins. He's gonna play on a few songs. How many certified card carrying lesbians here tonight? You got a dick you cant be a lesbian its not true... 1, 2 - great 6. Explain to these people what's up, please. And no I am not Wynonna Ryder. This song is about deep, passionate love...'

Stinkfist /
(White Lines)
You Lied

‘Buzz, from the Melvins - give him a hand'

46 & 2
(w/Dr. Timothy Leary speech)

‘We are gonna keep Buzz out here for another song. This song is specifically for Michigan. This week; praise God…zilla.’


‘We've been doing something a little different this tour. Its worked at some places but not in all the places the differences is you - we need your help to pull it off. Are you willing to try to help us? OK - this is what we need. We need you to find that spot inside you, a very comfortable spot & at the same time is a vulnerable, experimental spot, we need you to find that spot, close your eyes & stay there the next 12 minutes...'


‘This is a song that most people assume is about someone who has a very negative view about Los Angeles - but that whole stuff about getting rid of the freaks & everything is more of a side note. This more is song more about getting back to what matters, remembering your connection with each other, rediscovering compassion, choosing compassion over fear & its about diving back into the pool of the collective unconscious & learning how to swim again'


(Hooker With A Penis - Lounge)**