Source B:
Unspecified Hi-8mm Recording Equipment
Source:     1G VHS > DVD
Image from DVD: Here

Notes - Source: There seem to be 1) many different generations of this show on DVD, 2) a couple different VHS>DVD rips and 3) which source this video (or all videos are that circulate of this show as there are reported to be 3 different video sources) and 4) not a single ounce of source info re: what equipment was used to tape this show. My own opinion is that there is only this one video that is out in any sort of trade circulation. I have received, over the past few years, this show 5 different times; 3 on VHS + 2 on DVD. Basically, I have thrown away 3 of the recordings; 2 on VHS (high gen clones) & 1 very bad DVD rip. I have kept one VHS copy as another, shorter show, is tacked onto the end of it. However, this particular DVD looks to me to be a 1 gen VHS>DVD transfer that was rumored to be around as someone managed to get a copy from the taper a while back. Unlike other versions of this show, that I have seen or heard of, the audio is actually quite lively, crisp & good - especially for a video source. Now I cannot verify that this is indeed a 1G VHS>DVD transfer but after a total of 5 trades to get a decent copy of this show, this is without a doubt the best source out there. But, hell, that may change but not sure how likely that would be.
Notes - Recording:
Good recording, worth the investment, time, to attain. Make sure to get this source though, that would be my recommendation. The camera can jerk around quite a bit but there are some excellent screen shots & close-ups of the band. Not a professional recording but a good-enough AUD recording. There is a bit of talking around the taper that sporadically occurs - the beginning of  Eulogy has the worst of it. Initially, the taper filmed from the left-back but there is movement by the taper. Camera-ducks happen a few times and it is interesting as to why this occurs... the taper has little or no protection from being seen by security. He is simply standing, with a camera, recording the concert --> that took some balls. I would say that with the position of recording, crowd, time period and audio quality combined... this taper did a fine job under the circumstances. Maynard was of course in his Rev. Maynard get-up which adds an interesting twist to the show. And, to those that may be interested, Swamp Song has an odd siren during the first chorus that is quite unique, sort of a whirling sound - not feedback & it sounds deliberate. The performance and capture of Jerk-Off is one of my all-time favorite versions... whew. And, finally, this performance is completed with the obligatory HWAP (Lounge Version) which is captured in all of it's glory: a woman's vagina, singing HWAP with dogs in top hats + canes smiling around.

Maynardism: "Who-hooo! Can you feel it? Plenty of work to do here tonight, you sinners"
Maynardism: "Is, is, uh, sodomy still illegal in Arizona? Thank God. Gives us a goal to work for"





46 & 2
Cold & Ugly
Swamp Song
(w/Buzz Melvin)
You Lied (w/Buzz Melvin)
Pushit (alt.)
Third Eye
(pig noises)
Hooker With A Penis
(Lounge Version/Post-Show)