Unknown Analog Recording
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Notes: For some reason, there is not currently definitive source information for this recording. Sound has the same essence of other analog recordings, such as some 94 captures. Taking a guess, would say it would be a Sony WM D-3 but I have no real way of verifying that. As it is, the setlist of this performance I am rather pleased with. Is this the only time Tool played these songs in that order & it was recorded by a fan? Interesting stuff. Although the listener may not find a perfectly recorded live capture, if you can appreciate it for what it is, hopefully one would find enjoyment of the energy & power that was picked up. After all, this is Tool at a time when setlist creativity was abound. In fact, the 1998 era had perhaps the most interesting setlists of all... of course this is a matter of opinion.

Rev. Maynard:
"Goodness-gracious, Godzilla! You people better waaakkkke-uh-ahhhp!"
Rev. Maynard:
"Turn with me if you will, I know you all brought them, turn with me if you will, to 'Mayhem: Ch. 1, verse 3'. 'The Lord almighty says: I will punish you Yenaba. I will strip you naked & let the Nations see you, see you in all your shame. What God is trying to say here is that people are wearing too many clothes, you gotta take off yer clothes to be one with Gaawwwd."


Time: 50:13

Part Of Me
Crawl Away
(w/Dr. Timothy Leary 'Think For Yourself' speach)