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Notes: I am relatively confident that "Part Of Me" was taken from this performance & put on the official Salival release back in 2000. Some people have gone so far as to say that this performance is legendary. I shall not go that far but there were some rather unique elements to this performance including a very tasty setlist. This recording was rather "hidden" for a number of years until a resourceful Colorado taper discovered it. Surprising that there are not other versions floating around. The source in circulation (there are no verified DAT copies around, only CD) has track splits at transitions as, taking a guess, the tracks were not split at sector boundaries. As it is, this is common - if you have smooth track transitions then I would like to know. It is doubtful though. It is odd that there is no specific information as to what model # the microphones are...
Notes: I have a Casio DA-R100 which is the exact same DAT recorder (made by the same company but with different brand names) as the Denon DTR-80P. The DAT used for this show is not the compact & flashy DATs or the easy-to-use Mini Discs... this is a larger than average recorder.

Maynardism: "We don't normally do this song but it seems like a special occasion, don't you think? This song goes out to Dane & Lilly...newborns. Not even old enough to jack-off, it goes out to them."




CD 1

Part Of Me

'Colorado, It's so fabulous to see you.'


'We're going to bring out a special guest for this love song. Buzz Melvin, give him a hand. This is a song about deep and penetrating love, which I suggest you all try, right now.'

You Lied


(Dr. Timothy Leary 'Think for Yourself Speech')
46 & 2

'Ok, we'd like to try something if that's ok with you. We're going to need your uh, we're not only going to need your permission, we're going to need your help. We're going to look at a song we've done in the past from a different angle, see if we can't see it in a whole new light, and hear it as if it's never been played before. But to do that, but to do that, we need to go to kind of a vulnerable place that needs to be comfortable at the same time, so we're going to ask you to join us in finding that comfortable spot that's also vulnerable and just kind of see if we can't meet up there, what do you think?'

Pushit (alt.)

'We don't normally do this song, but uh, it seems like a special occasion, I don't know, wouldn't you think? This song goes out to Dane and Lilly, newborns. Not even old enough to jack-off, it goes out to them.'

CD 2

No Quarter

'Thank you very much for being so patient. This last song, most people mistake it for being a song about bad choices in real estate. Some people think it's about rectal water sports. And uh, that's true, it's about both those things, but more importantly, it's about getting back to what matters. It's about remembering you connection with each other. It's about choosing compassion over fear. It's about diving back into that pool of the collective unconscious and learning how to swim again.'


'Thank you, good night.'
<<Encore break>>
'Alright, ok, we'll do another song. Work hard, educate yourself, turn off your tv, read a book, watch pornography and lingerie, jack-off into a high powered fan, try to resist the urge to kiss somebody else's grandmother. These are all, these are all things you can choose one of them or all of them, whatever, it's up to you, just a few suggestions. You've been wonderful, thank you very much for coming. Don't forget to tip your waitresses, that being me, hahaha. We're going to have a special guest come out mid way through the song, his name is ?, formerly of Pigmy Love Circus. Just remember to think for yourself, or not, whatever.'


'Thank you, good night. One last little tidbit for you.'