Source A:
DAT --- Shure SM-98 > Sony TCD-D8
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Notes: The sound is pretty good. However, there is either a hell of a rain storm at the venue or else this was not mastered totally smooth. Basically, there is a layer of static that is audible when the recording is quiet. Those who have mastered shows to CD from whatever form may recognize this static as the sound of computer static that is sometimes audible on some recordings... usually if the transfer was done with analog technology, going mic-in & on older computers. If you do not tweak it right, that is. I think the person who mastered this show had the volume down to low on his/her DAT as it lead into the PC & that caused this peculiar static. But, it's not terrible for what it's worth. Performance was good, like most Ozzfest shows, the setlist was relatively straight-to-the-point with different songs for different dates. Very interesting, if one can get over the static (that comes & goes later on), this may be a show that someone would have on at least a semi-regular rotation. This show has one of the best versions of 'Pushit' I've ever heard. After Maynard's speech, Dr. Leary's recording (think for yourself) plays as Adam does his intro. Very cool.


Time: 57:14


Part Of Me

Taper/Crowd on the Sony TCS-580V source: ‘Pretty rowdy. Dude that guy stock in blue, that guy is weird dude. He’s like to weird for me. Music is cool.’


‘Your attention.’


‘We are going to try something different tonight. Do you wanna join me? Try to find that space somewhere in there. It’s a comfortable space and yet at the same time it’s a vulnerable space; comfortable yet vulnerable space. We are gonna look at something from a different angle tonight, to see it in a hole new light.’


‘Stick around for Ozzy.’


‘Thank you very much.’